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BIOSTAR VIP Care Extended Warranty

Warranty instructions― Product warranty instructions

♦BIOSTAR VIP Care extended warranty guarantees the safety and quality of your product. This service also provides you time-saving and cost-effective solutions.

VIP Care extended warranty is a global warranty service provided by BIOSTAR. All new BIOSTAR products come with a warranty that cover repairs for a certain period of time . BIOSTAR VIP Care extended warranty provides similar coverage beyond the time limits. In general, electronic products are stable under normal usage.However, longterm use of the electronic products may cause failure to function. BIOSTAR VIP Care extended warranty is all about peace of mind. We offer great value extended warranty services, not only extend the warranty on your products from the  up to 5 years, but also provide with quality technical support to clients. Additionally, the labor, repair and maintenance are free of cost. Enjoy BIOSTAR VIP Care without paying for it.

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Warranty and Support

• Must register on the BIOSTAR VIP Care Website and enter a serial number. The conditions will be enabled upon completion.
1. Check the list for the models

2. Registration rules

  2-1. Submit registration within 1 month from date of purchase

  2-2. Submit registration before the Registration Deadline

3. Provide valid proof of purchase with date of purchase

4. Please input the date of purchase when you register your product for extended warranty.

• The warranty does not cover software, batteries, peripheral devices (such as mouse, keyboards or transformers etc.) and freebies.

5 - Year Warranty Period
4 - Year Warranty Period

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